How can you find relief?

When affairs are tackled from a place of non-judgement, and commitment to understanding the depth of the experience, it results in a great understanding of self and other as well as making decisions out of love to self and others. No guilt or fear are involved in the decision-making process.


Have you been experiencing one or more of the following?

  • You feel totally high from the affair yet totally guilty for cheating on your husband.
  • You have to sneak around with every text yet you worry oh no, my husband is going to see this one.
  • Fear that your friends and family will find the truth about the secret you have been hiding.
  • Terrified of what would happen if you are discovered.
  • Fear of having regret of leaving your husband, and wanting to go back.
  • Torn inside between the two men.
  • Feeling paralyzed by guilt that you can’t leave your husband.


Affairs don’t have to make you feel guilty, shamed, or

Well Institute will help you express difficult feelings and learn the skills
necessary to feel happy and make healthy choices that are not based on labeling
or judging yourself.

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