How can you reclaim back your life?

You had a holiday vacation, your partner was supportive, present and engaged. Then suddenly out of the blue he appeared on your doorstep and says “This is not working for me” Your heart felt as if it was ripped out of the chest. This came from nowhere. You had envisioned a life with your partner; family, kids, future, and now suddenly you feel as if your future had imagined is absolutely gone.


If you are experiencing:

  • Dreams about your ex.
  • Having trust issues with new partners.
  • You feel as if it is your fault that he suddenly ended the relationship.
  • You find that you are dating people with the same type of problem like your ex.
  • You feel jealous from your friends who have successful relationships.
  • You feel sorry for yourself.
  • You still have flashbacks from amazing moments in the relationship, so you feel as if sadness is
    triggered over and over again.

You don’t have to go through life feeling sad and stuck in the
Well Institute will help you express difficult feelings and learn the skills
necessary to let go and feel connected to yourself, and make healthy choices
moving forward in your intimate life.

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