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Couples Therapy

Tapping into the soul of your connection

How we can support your relationship?


You come home from your day feeling alive, connected, and passionate about what you have learned. You can’t wait to share it with your husband. You open the door to your husband and he is sitting on his computer working away. You try to get his attention, “Hi love, I am so happy to see you” He nearly granted a response, he didn’t look away from his computer much less give the hug, the kiss, and the embrace you are looking for when you came home.

Most of the time, one of the partners is more of a feeler and the other is more of a thinker. Sometimes thinkers need to learn more empathetic form of communication to get through to the feelers. The feelers need to learn more emotional skills to communicate in a way that is more understandable to the thinkers’ world.

Are you experiencing?

  • Loneliness and longing for connection.

  • Feeling sad and guilty that you want more than he can give.

  • Feeling like you are the problem. if you were more exciting, your partner would respond in the way you wanted.

  • You feel like you’re too much, too messy, or too intense for your partner, to the point of making your partner shut down.

  • You feel lost and you don’t know what to do.

  • You find sex with your partner unfulfilling, you feel dead, just going through the motions.

  • Stress about your relationship keeps you awake at night.

  • Even though you are sitting beside your partner, you feel so far away.

  • You use any of the –olics (workaholic, alcoholic, etc) to deal with the loneliness, the shame, and the guilt in your relationship.

You don’t have to go through life feeling lonely and misunderstood… We’ll help you express difficult feelings and learn the skills necessary to feel satisfied, connected, and make healthy choices in communication. We would love to support you.

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Hi; I am Samar, the founder of Well Institute. I have created Well because I deeply believe in the power of change and creating new destiny for yourself. Untangled from cultural, family, and self-expectations, and instead rooted in your core values that inspires your actions and nurtures your emotional well-being to live a powerful impactful life internally and externally. Go live Well!

I am a Jungian oriented psychotherapist and leadership coach. Nothing makes me tick more than a moment of true transformation and healing of an older pain that has been repeating itself in my client life for way too long.

I love supporting couples finding their way back to love and connection. Intimacy is such a magical container to transform our old wounds and allow our shadows to be healed.

I will support you

  • To have compassion for your partner shortcomings.

  • To encourage your partner to show up in the new way s/he is learning through therapy.

  • To express yourself in a vulnerable non defensive way that helps your partner to listen and understand.

  • To access the passion and fun in the relationship again.

  • To fight fairly and have a good conflict.

  • To find a resolution and a compromise after the conflict.

You don’t have to waste another day wondering what’s next for you! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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