How to have an impeccable divorce?

Divorce doesn’t have to be messy or costing you your relationship with your ex, especially if there will be a co-parenting situation. Divorce is one of the most life changing experiences. It is up to the couple to let it be changing to the better or the worst.

Did you know that the way you choose to engage in conflict will determine your results? The four main ways I teach my clients are:

  • Power based — litigation approach
  • Rights based — litigation approach
  • Interest based — Collaborative approach
  • Principle based — Collaborative approach
  • Manipulation based.

I teach my clients what triggers their litigation approach and together we work to heal and diffuse this trigger. Replacing it with more healthy ways that empower interest based and principle based engagement with conflict.

Some of the things I hear from my clients when they start:

  • “We want to be friends after divorce so we can raise good kids”
  • “I don’t want my divorce to get ugly”
  • “We paid each more than 20,000 in litigation and we got nowhere”
  • “I see my kids with lots of anxiety and that tears my heart apart”
  • “ I don’t know how once I loved him”
  • “I still cry a lot every time I look at our old family pictures, when we were a family”
  • “I don’t know who am I if I let go of this marriage”
  • “Will I scare my kids for life?”

You don’t have to go through your divorce alone, feeling hurt, angry, sad and stuck in the past…start divorce counselling in Vancouver today.

Well Institute will help you express difficult feelings and learn the skills
necessary to let go and feel connected to yourself, and make healthy choices in
building a new life for yourself as well as engaging with conflict from a place of

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