Individual Work for seasoned Therapists

Perhaps you’ve noticed you are experiencing an overall fatigue and disconnect. You’ve tried talking to your colleagues and meditating, but you’re coming to find that you need something deeper. You’re looking for more realignment and integration in your professional life and alignment between your thinking, values, and behavior. But you have no space to deal with this compassion fatigue on your own. When you schedule a psychotherapy or supervision session with me, we will explore together the depth of your compassion fatigue. You will start to embody full alignment and get to the root of what’s keeping from living your truth. We will explore together the creation of stronger spaces to hold you and your work in the world to avoid further burn out.

Individual Work for New Therapists

Being a new therapist can be both exciting and nerve racking. In my experience, having a supervisor can be a game changer in your professional life. You can bounce ideas, learn about your triggers, strengthen your core, and release any vicarious trauma.