For change makers and sustainable change seekers, we offer one on one psychotherapy and coaching sessions to take you deeper into yourself to find your answers and implement them in your life.


There is nothing more satisfying to me than holding a space for another human being for their pain to be transformed and released. Being a psychotherapist is a gift. I am here to support your healing, growth, and opening to a different level of yourself and subsequently life.

Pain can show up itself as anxiety, depression, self-defeating thoughts, relationship issues, or avoidance all together. My job is to support you to feel safe and comfortable to allow the healing process to flow. Providing a non-judgmental inquisitive warm presence can create magic in the room.

You know that you need to feel a deeper level of satisfaction. To live a life with your own values beyond what money can buy. Yet, you feel daunted by others’ expectations of how to show up. So, you keep up the performance in order to keep up with the pressure.

When you seek therapy with me, we will create a space for your joy to flourish and your truth to shine, and your pain to be healed.

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Lifestyle Prescriptions®

Life stressors can feel sometimes like you are drowning in a big pile of obligations and to-do lists. Managing this stress can be a game changer.

As a certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach, trained at the Lifestyle Prescriptions University, I’ve seen pain, eczema, heart disease, headaches, diabetes, anxiety, fear, depression and many other symptoms disappear.

Self-Healing doesn’t mean doing nothing. To the contrary. It means removing everything that’s blocking your healing and increasing awareness and vitality.

The key is awareness of your root-cause(s). I’ll help you find the WHY and what specifically is causing your symptoms and then we’ll use 6 proven & effective Lifestyle Prescriptions® Protocols to unlock your body’s natural healing intelligence.

The 3-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Process:

First, you’ll discover exactly which specific stress trigger, emotion, belief & lifestyle habit is affecting your symptom. You’ll be utterly surprised.

In step 2, you’ll receive a personalized and targeted Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Plan that engages you to increase awareness and create new healthy lifestyle habits. You can improve 1% per day, right?

In step 3, we’ll use effective and proven Self-Healing Protocols & Techniques to help you:

♥ Release unresolved emotional hurts

♥ Let go of stress triggers

♥ Re-frame limiting beliefs

♥ Create real-life improvements

♥ Increase strength, vitality and life energy

Lifestyle Prescriptions® are effective because we are experts in finding the needle in the haystack. Get answers!

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Leadership Coaching

Designing your life for success and fulfilment can be a daunting task sometimes especially given all the choices and options that are offered to us in the modern world. With Well Institute Leadership Coaching, we will delve into your value assessment, and create a value driven self-leadership and/or organizational leadership. We will make sure that you are walking the path of integrity to your values and who you are.

Leadership is all about balance. Balancing the demands and relationship to yourself, your family, your work, and your community. Leadership coaching with support you in the journey to achieve this balance. You will be experiencing immediate results upon the implementation of the tools provided.

Give yourself the gift of value driven leadership for yourself and others.

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