I went to a workshop last week on womb healing. To be honest I had no idea what to expect, I ended up there by chance, and it was kilometres outside of my comfort zone.

Ten or so women participated in a day full of tearful sobs, rageful screams, ecstatic dance, and determined mantras to release the traumas held in our wombs.

Centuries of conditioning by patriarchal societies and blatant sexualisation of women in the media distort the perceptions that we hold about our bodies and ourselves. Advertising and entertainment send messages that to have worth, we must be sexy and please men sexually. Media, ranging from television programs like Sex in the City to Cosmo magazine, send this message loud and clear, however if we act on this message women are called sluts and whores. These labels can carry such stigma and shame.

Our wombs carry energetic imprints of our past sexual partners, and any trauma of unconscious or unloving sexual encounters. Perhaps we have in our past a rowdy time in university (or elsewhere) when we did not honor the sacredness of our bodies, when there were drunken nights and walks of shame in the morning. When we have woken up and not known who the man sleeping beside us is. This is more common that not, and in some ways, is considered a rite of passage in our culture.


In addition to these unconscious or unloving sexual encounters, sexual abuse, which is far more common than we would like to think, imprints trauma in our sacred wombs.

Our wombs hold vital fluids, the monthly cycles of the moon, and the waves of the ocean. The womb is the Earth encapsulated in our bodies. Our wombs are blessed with the power to create life, they create moods and the cycles of birth and death. Women are creators by rite.

Our wombs and cycles are a way to reconnect with the natural rhythms of the earth and of our souls. To reclaim the feminine creative and intuitive powers that are our nature, we must heal our wombs.


Many of us have been taught to recoil at our menstruation, our moon cycle. Over the passing of generations, we’ve learnt to view it as an annoyance and to be ashamed of our blood and fluids. In healing your womb, you are doing the healing for your ancestors as well.


To bring healing to your womb:

Love your womb, bring conscious awareness to it, place your warm hands over it while sending it breath.

Become aware of unconscious or unloving sexual partners and one by one, thank them for the learning then let them go.

Become aware of unwanted touch or sexual abuse and do the same.

Become attuned to what your womb needs, especially while bleeding.  Ask it what it needs, what it wants and what it doesn’t. Check in with it throughout your day. Let the voice of your womb be your guide.

Celebrate your blood. Instead of dreading your monthly cycle, or viewing it as an annoyance, try celebrating. Your womb holds the gift of womanhood, the power to create, to connect with all of nature and to bring forth new life. That’s worthy of rejoicing.

Draw your womb, dance your womb, start to consult with your womb, meditate on your womb. These are all healing acts that can restore the connection and give access to the sacred feminine.


I leave you with these questions:

What is gestating in your womb waiting to be born?

Whether it be your own business, a yummy meal, a sacred dance, a painting, tapestry or gathering, something is brewing in there.

When will that spark of creativity reach full term and be ready to be born?

How can you help the pregnancy to be healthy and the delivery to be easeful?

What can you do to nourish yourself and your creation in the meantime?